hosting services
hosting services

sify broke new ground in the Indian IT space by establishing the country's first Tier III Data Centre (DC) at Vashi, Navi Mumbai in 2000, following it up with more such centres in Chennai, Bangalore and Airoli, with India's most technologically advanced DC to open by August 2012 at Noida.

sify’s award-winning expertise in offering the complete stack of hosting services is based on its strong connectivity backbone. Such services are ideal for domestic and global businesses that seek to manage their data, hardware and IT infrastructure requirements through third-party service providers.

sify's data centres located strategically in different seismic zones go beyond hosting India-centric applications, and are certified for the following industry renowned standards:

  • ISO 9001:2000 for quality processes
  • ISO 27001 for Information Security Management Systems
  • ISO 20000 for Information Technology Service Management based service delivery & support
  • TIA - 942 (Telecommunications Industry Association) standard for structural design, network, cabling, etc.
  • IS 1893:1984 standard for earthquake resistant structural design of premises

Our integrated, scalable offerings backed with stringent uptime Service Level Agreements driven by committed, industry veterans make sify an ideal partner for businesses with data centre requirements.

sify offers the following complete stack of services from basic Co-location to Managed Hosting, along with a large suite of value-added services:

Our DCs offer unparalled benefits

POWER – 2N active redundant UPS distribution to every rack with dedicated transformer and diesel generator sets for every floor. This enables very high uptime on power

PRECISION AC – Chilled water based cooling infrastructure designed to meet ASHRAE guidelines. CFD tool-based design for air flow management. This allows for optimized and uniform air cooling to the racks and also supports high-density cooling.

HIGH POWER DENSITY – High compute capacity.  Benefits are that it supports high density racks as per current and future technologies.

Z LEVEL SECURITY – Building specifically designed to cater to level 4 specifications having centralized monitoring surveillance cameras, fire detection & suppression, water leakage & electronic rodent control. Benefits are highest level of security giving you complete assurity of your data.

STATE OF THE ART BUILDING STRUCTURE – Building specifically designed for Tier 4 specifications with a load bearing capacity of 1500 kg/ m2. Ideal for high density computing and security requirements.

Our DC offerings comprise the following services


  • Shared racks
  • Dedicated racks
  • Secure cage


  • Dedicated and burstable Internet bandwidth
  • Back-up services across hetrogenous platforms
  • Managed firewall services
  • Weblog reporting
  • Server load balancing


  • OS, DB, Mail, Application Management
  • FORTKNOX – SLA based security services
  • Managed security services


  • DC migration services
  • BCM/DR services
  • Database & Application security audits
  • ISMS/QMS audits


  • Web application & security management
  • Vulnerability assessment & penetration testing
  • High & detailed risk assessment
  • Secure architecture design


  • Hosted mail SaaS
  • Shared webspace
  • Storage on demand
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